Renewable Energies


Registered office: Marburg
HRB: District Court of Marburg under HRB 5641
Board: Christoph Hellrung, Michael Schmidt
Sector: Renewable Energies
Ownership structure: 99.998% 3U HOLDING AG; 0.002% M. Riehl
In the group since: 2009 through new foundation

Founded in 2009, 3U ENERGY AG aims at participating in the growing market of renewable energy generation - starting with products and innovative system solutions and leading to full service provision in the area of wind farm development. Since placing into operation in 2012, the company-owned solar power station supplies the 3U premises in Marburg with CO2-neutral electricity, heating and cooling.

3U ENERGY PE GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of 3U ENERGY AG. The company engages in the evaluation of wind farm projects including project development, realization and operational management. Further information at

Having already been in operation at the time of purchase, the wind farm in Langendorf with 15 wind turbines was acquired by 3U ENERGY AG in 2014 and has since been run by her. Further information at Further information are available under


3U Euro Energy Systems GmbH
Registered office: Marburg
HRB: District Court of Marburg under HRB 5714
Board of directors: Michael Schmidt, Stephan Schornack
Sectors: Renewable Energies
Ownership structure: 99.996 % 3U HOLDING AG; 0.004 % Helmut Zangl
In the group since: 2010

The 3U Euro Energy Systems GmbH with the registered office in Marburg produces thermal solar equipment with the main focus on evacuated tube collectors. 3U Euro Energy Systems is focused on the distribution of the thermal solar equipment to OEM customers. Another distribution channel is presented by 3U ENERGY AG, an affiliate of 3U Euro Energy Systems.


SOLARPARK Adelebsen GmbH
Registered office: Adelebsen
HRB: District Court of Göttingen under HRB 201759
Board of directors: Christoph Hellrung, Michael Schmidt
Sector: Renewable Energies
Ownership structure: 100% 3U HOLDING AG
In the group since: September 2008

The Solarpark Adelebsen was erected in 2012 by 3U ENERGY AG, a subsidiary of 3U HOLDING AG. The roof and open spaces of the former sawmill were equipped with photovoltaic modules on the approximately 26 hectares of former industrial area and grid expansion was pushed ahead in less than a year of construction. With a total of 44,100 solar modules distributed over a roof area of ​​approx. 10 % and a surface area of ​​approx. 90 %, the solar park has a total capacity of 10.1 megawatts. It is operated by Solarpark Adelebsen GmbH, also a subsidiary of 3U HOLDING AG.

On the premises of the Adelebsen solar park, which is equipped with its own railway connection, a total of 27,000 m² of storage and commercial space are available for rent, which are located in the immediate vicinity of a commercial park of approx. 65,000 m². Currently, around 13,000 m² are used by the ACT (Adelebsen Container Terminal).