Analysts’ Recommendations


Research-Coverage provides transparency and thus leads to a fair long-term share price development. Following you will find research studies for download (some studies are in German). Please note: The research you find here is sponsored research.

Date Analyst Headline Recommendation Target price
06/01/2023 SMC Research Good start to the year and ambitious targets | 13 pages Buy Eur 3.30
05/02/2023 SMC Research Promising prospects even without weclapp Buy Eur 6.20
04/13/2023 GSC Research Results 2022 heavily affected by weclapp disposal Hold Eur 5.80
20/03/2023 montega Initial Coverage: What's next?
Buy Eur 5.50
15/03/2023 SMC Research Dividend much higher than expected, further growth announced Buy Eur 5.70
02/03/2023 SMC Research Announced profit multiplication achieved Buy Eur 5.50
11/15/2022 GSC Research Nine-month figures for 2022 marked by transaction effects Buy Eur 5.70
11/15/2022 SMC Research Profit and liquidity over market capitalization Buy Eur 5.60
09/13/2022 GSC Research weclapp exit fills the coffersBuy Eur 5.50
09/12/2022 SMC Research weclapp exit ensures a jump in profits and a high payoutBuy Eur 5.50
08/30/2022 GSC Research Well on schedule in the first half of the yearBuy Eur 4.10
08/18/2022 SMC Research Profit expectations raised after strong half-year and property saleBuy Eur 3.60
05/19/2022 GSC Research Q1 2022 results come in as expectedBuy Eur 4.10
05/16/2022 SMC Research High energy revenues drive group result upwardsBuy Eur 3.70
04/21/2022 SMC Research Acceleration of growth with stable earnings announcedBuy Eur 3.70
04/20/2022 GSC Research Stable dividend for 2021Buy Eur 4.10
11/26/2021 GSC Research More than 50 percent net earnings growth for 9M 2021Buy Eur 4.50
11/17/2021 SMC Research Light and shadows in the year to dateBuy Eur 4.40
08/31/2021 SMC Research Acquisition in growth area offers great value enhancement potential Buy Eur 3.80
08/23/2021 GSC Research Earnings doubled in the first half of 2021Buy Eur 4.00
08/16/2021 Hauck & Aufhäuser Q2’21 out: Muted performance but guidance intactHold Eur 3.20
07/13/2021 Hauck & Aufhäuser Bolt-on deal complements weclapp’s offeringHold Eur 3.20
05/26/2021 GSC Research Further organic growth in Q1/2021Buy Eur 3.85
05/19/2021 SMC Research Significant increase in quarterly earningsHold Eur 3.50
05/19/2021 Hauck & Aufhäuser Mixed set of resultsHold Eur 3.20
04/09/2021 GSC Research Profit above TargetSell Eur 3.15
03/18/2021 Hauck & Aufhäuser FY’20 prelims out; bright prospects ahead
03/18/2021 SMC Research Strong final sprint in 2020Buy Eur 3.00
11/19/2020 SMC Research Growth rate and margin at weclapp further increasedBuy Eur 2.60
11/16/2020 GSC Research Further Sales and earnings growths despite coronaBuy Eur 2.10
11/12/2020 Hauck & Aufhäuser Growth Story continuesBuy Eur 2.60
10/13/2020 SMC Research Strong-growing, profitable and crisis-resistantBuy Eur 2.40
09/24/2020 Hauck & Aufhäuser Roadshow Feedback: Let’s talk cloudBuy Eur 2.60
08/18/2020 SMC Research Strong half-year figuresBuy Eur 2.40
08/17/2020 GSC Research Weitgehend “virenresistent”Buy Eur 2.15
08/13/2020 Hauck & Aufhäuser weclapp to gain momentumBuy Eur 2.15
08/10/2020 Hauck & Aufhäuser Q2 preview: plenty of positivesBuy Eur 2.15
06/05/2020 Hauck & Aufhäuser Dynamic growth across the boardBuy Eur 2.15
05/15/2020 GSC Research Unfazed by Corona-crisisBuy Eur 2.00
05/14/2020 SMC Research Very good Q1 resultsBuy Eur 2.05
03/30/2020 SMC Research Growth despite CoronaBuy Eur 1.90
03/27/2020 GSC Research 2019 Guidance Fully MetBuy Eur 2.20
03/06/2020 SRC Research Preliminary results in line with expectationsBuy Eur 1.90
02/20/2020 Hauck & Aufhäuser 3U's rising stars ready for takeoffBuy Eur 2.40
02/07/2020 SMC Research weclapp continues with high dynamicsBuy Eur 2.40
11/13/2019 SMC Research Sale of property leads to higher profitsBuy Eur 2.10
11/11/2019 GSC Research 3U on target in first nine monthsHold Eur 1.85
08/11/2019 SRC Equity Research Target price raisedBuy Eur 1.90
10/29/2019Edison Research Cloud computing and e-commerce growth./. ./.
09/19/2019 SMC Research Two strong growth driversBuy Eur 2.10
08/16/2019 SRC Equity Research Price target liftedBuy Eur 1.80
08/16/2019 GSC Research Initial CoverageBuy Eur 1.75
05/19/2019 SRC Equity Research Significant growth in 1st quarterBuy Eur 1.60
02/29/2019 SRC Equity Research Net income for Financial 2018 increased by over 70%Buy Eur 1.60


The studies and other analysts’ statements represented here are not based on investigations of 3U HOLDING AG but on investigations, reports, recommendations or evaluations of independent third parties. The presentation of the evaluations and recommendations on this website serves only information purposes. The evaluations and recommendations on this website do neither represent a request to purchase, hold or sell shares nor advertisement for shares. All views, forecasts, estimates or predictions stated by analysts regarding the development of the 3U share do only reflect the opinions of these analysts and do not represent the view, forecast, estimate or prediction of 3U HOLDING AG. 3U HOLDING AG explicitly does neither adopt the recommendations, opinions and conclusions made by analysts as its own nor does it support or confirm these. 3U HOLDING AG does not assume any liability for the correctness and / or completeness, selection and topicality of the presentation.

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