3U HOLDING AG: Management Board decides on Share Buyback Programme

The Management Board of 3U HOLDING AG has decided on the basis of the authorisation granted by the annual general meeting of May 31, 2012 to repurchase up to 10% of its own shares (up to 3,531,401 shares) on the stock exchange during the period from May 1, 2013 until not later than May 30, 2017. During the time span of the share buyback programme, the Management Board reserves the right to suspend and resume the share buyback at any time, in accordance with the legal requirements to be observed. The shares may be used for all purposes according to the authorization given by the resolution of the Annual General Meeting of May 31, 2012.

BankM, Repräsentanz der biw Bank für Investments und Wertpapiere bank will manage this share buy-back programme and decide the timing of the individual repurchases independently of and uninfluenced by 3U HOLDING AG. The share buyback is subject to the safe-harbour provisions of §§ 14 para 2, 20a para 3 WpHG in conjunction with Regulation (EC) No 2273/2003.