Q1 2004 Operating Profit

Turnover in Q1 2004 amounted to €17.36 million (€13.78 million). EBITDA increased by €0.53 million (€2.36 million), an increase of 29% over Q4 2003.

With an EBITDA of -€0.67 million (€1.84 million), there was an improvement of €0.49 million over Q4 2003. At -€1.09 million (€1.34 million), the operating profit was marginally worse than that of Q4 2003.

As previously announced, Q1, which falls short of the original strategic forecast, can be compensated for during the course of the fiscal year. 2004’s goal for the fixed line business still stands with an expected revenue of €100 million and stock profits of €1.

These goals will be achieved by:


    • initiation of the product push in June
    • growth via cooperation with Quelle
    • entry into internet telecommunications
    • completion of OneTel integration


The management’s proposals on all pertinent agenda items was passed with over 99% of the shareholders’ vote in the shareholders’ meeting of 13/05/2004. The board of directors will implement these resolutions as quickly as possible, so that the issuing of the new shares of stock (split 4:1) can take place shortly.

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