3U cloud computing subsidiary weclapp is increasingly expanding with indirect sales approaches

  • Partner sales of cloud-based ERP and CRM solutions are picking up speed
  • Strong cloud computing demand creates further opportunities for growth

Marburg, 2 April 2019 – weclapp GmbH, a subsidiary of 3U HOLDING AG (ISIN: DE0005167902), is continuing its unbroken growth course with cloud-based ERP and CRM solutions and, since the start of the year, has also increasingly been expanding with indirect sales approaches, especially through cooperation with sales partners. In March, weclapp held its first partner event. Around 30 representatives from new partner companies took part. Product training was as much part of the programme as exchanges about current developments in the cloud and common business prospects.

The partners are mostly medium IT systems companies and IT consulting firms that, starting now, can recommend the use of weclapp solutions to their customers. The new sales approach is supported by the fact that many such companies already successfully use weclapp themselves. This simplifies sales training and customer contact.

weclapp sales partners are also recording strong demand for systems from the cloud with a good price-performance ratio. This trend also enables them to benefit more from cooperation with weclapp. In the feedback for the partner event, in addition to the excellent product quality, participants mainly pointed out the good ongoing support from the weclapp team. From the establishment of the new, indirect sales channel, weclapp expects an additional boost in growth towards achieving its ambitious sales and earnings goals.

As a provider of cloud-based ERP and CRM solutions, weclapp GmbH once again increased its sales by 60% for the financial year 2018. In addition to the high-performance offering of products and services, this corporate growth is mainly due to professional and highly efficient inbound marketing on the internet (online marketing), which will also be further expanded and internationalised in the future . The acquisition of further sales partners outside Germany should also contribute to the planned internationalisation of weclapp business in the financial year 2019.


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