3U ecommerce shop selfio.de ranked among the Top Shops by COMPUTER BILD and Statista for the fifth time

  • Survey and expert evaluation earn Selfio a “very good” Rating

Marburg, 5 May 2022 – selfio.de, the leading ecommerce shop within the Group of 3U HOLDING AG (ISIN: DE0005167902), was included in the ranks and files of Germany’s best online shops by the magazine COMPUTER BILD and the market research portal Statista. Specialising in heating, air conditioning and water management systems for do-it-yourselfers, selfio.de is one of the top 28 shops 2022 in the segment “Home Technology” and thus continues its series of awards in this competition, which has been uninterrupted for five consecutive years. The “technical quality” as well as the “user-friendliness” were considered “very good” by the testers. The company’s slogan “Do it yourself. But do it right” is the consistent central theme throughout the entire market presence of 3U online trading, which is one of the central strategic focuses of the 3U Group. Selfio GmbH achieved revenues of EUR 21.6 million in 2021.

“selfio.de places high value on technical quality and user-friendliness at all times. Customers and experts alike now certify once again how successful we are with this – and we are proud of that,” Roger Moore, Managing Director of Selfio GmbH, Managing Director of Selfio GmbH, underlines. He notes, however: “The global economic situation is currently presenting us, like all other market players, with major challenges. As a producer and supplier of technical systems, such as underfloor heating or ventilation, we are acting flexibly and customer-oriented, especially in the face of global supply bottlenecks and massive price hopping. With high-quality and intensive advice, we consistently support our customers in implementing their projects – especially in saving energy and moving away from fossil fuels. In this trend, we will contribute our expertise in heating and air conditioning even more intensively in the future.”

The longlist for this year’s ranking included more than 7,000 online shops. Marketplace providers such as eBay, B2B shops and shops with a purely foreign-language presence were eliminated. Shops that only offer digital goods or focus on subscriptions or contracts were also eliminated. To qualify for the detailed study, the remaining shops also had to achieve a certain minimum reach or to have been among the Top Shops 2021.

A total of 79 criteria were examined in the detailed study. These included subjective characteristics such as the assessment of the appearance and clarity in an online survey. But objective features such as the delivery time and the overview of payment options were also scrutinised by the 14 independent testers.

The list of the 900 Top Shops 2021 is divided into nine categories: As in the previous year, “Office, Technology & Media,” “Leisure, Games & Hobbies,” “Garden & Handicrafts” and “Food & Health” are represented, while the categories “Car, Bicycle, Motorcycle,” “Fashion and Accessories,” “Sports and Outdoor,” “Universal Suppliers” and “Home” are new additions. The categories were again each divided into several Segments.

Scorecard: “Technical quality” was rated as “excellent” for five of the top 28 shops in the “Home Technology” segment, “very good” for 17, and “good” for six. Ease of use was “excellent” for six participants, “very good” for twelve, and “good” for ten.


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