3U HOLDING AG: Acquisition of another wind farm

  •  Investment volume of approx. TEUR 830 is fully self-financed
  • •Total rated output 6 MW – guaranteed feed-in tariff according to EEG until 12/2020

Marburg, April 12, 2018 – 3U HOLDING AG (ISIN DE0005167902) announces the purchase of an existing wind farm with 6 wind turbines and an installed total rated output of 6 MW. The net purchase price for the targeted acquisition of 100 percent of the company shares is approx. TEUR 830 and thus at a favourable approx. TEUR 140 per MW of nominal output. At present, sales contracts for about 95 % of the shares are already closed. The acquisition of the shares is fully financed by own funds. Effective date of transition is January 1, 2018.

The wind farm Klostermoor in the state of Lower Saxony was built in 1999 and has a guaranteed feed-in tariff according to the EEG up to and including December 2020.

The annual electricity production of the wind farm is expected to average 8,200 MWh to 8,500 MWh; this results in an annual remuneration according to EEG of approx. TEUR 770 to approx. TEUR 800. The amount of sales achieved after the expiry of the guaranteed EEG remuneration cannot yet be reliably predicted today. However, 3U HOLDING AG assumes that the wind farm can continue to operate profitably after the end of the guaranteed EEG remuneration.

As a result of the transaction, 3U HOLDING AG is taking another important strategic step in the segment Renewable Energies towards a successful project manager in the field of wind energy. In the financial year 2017, this segment generated sales of EUR 9.7 million (2016: EUR 4.9 million) and EBITDA of more than EUR 6.2 million (2016: EUR 3.7 million).

Together with the newly acquired wind farm, 3U HOLDING AG generates continuous income from its own electricity generation via existing solar and wind farms with a total nominal output of around 45 MW. In addition, the Company announced in 2017 the successful sale of the wind farm Schlenzer. For 2018, an option agreement has already been agreed for the sale of another wind farm (Lüdersdorf II).