3U HOLDING AG prepares merger of its subsidiary weclapp GmbH into an SE

  • Further intensive examination of subsidiary’s IPO option
  • 3U Holding AG has resolved to merge the subsidiary weclapp GmbH into a Societas Europaea (SE), and an auditor for the valuation of the company has been appointed by the court

Marburg, 18 May 2019 – The Management Board of 3U HOLDING AG (ISIN DE 00051679002) would like to inform shareholders about the growth strategy of the subsidiary weclapp GmbH in the run-up to the Annual General Meeting on 23 May 2019:

As has been publicly known for some time, 3U HOLDING AG is continuously analyzing various additional financing options with a view to the growth strategy. An initial public offering as an option to finance the further, also international expansion of the rapidly growing provider of cloud-based business software, weclapp GmbH, is currently being examined intensively. This project and any measures required to implement it depend on the capital market environment. The Management Board of 3U Holding AG has not yet made a decision on the IPO. If the intention of an IPO becomes concrete, the Management Board will communicate this immediately.

In order to expand the financing possibilities of weclapp GmbH and to be able to act at any time with regard to an IPO, the Management Board is preparing a merger of weclapp GmbH into a Societas Europaea (SE). On March 15, 2019, a merger agreement between weclapp GmbH and an SE, which will operate under the name weclapp SE in the future, was notarized. Upon entry of the merger in the commercial register, the assets of weclapp GmbH as a whole will be transferred to the SE. The amount of 3U HOLDING AG’s shareholding in the SE corresponds to the current shareholding of 3U HOLDING AG in weclapp GmbH.

The competent court has commissioned an auditor to prepare an expert opinion in connection with the merger. The Executive Board considers a valuation of weclapp GmbH of up to EUR 75 million, based on demanding assumptions for customer and sales growth, conceivable, but is currently unable to make a reliable statement as to whether such a valuation of weclapp GmbH is realisable. In particular, it is currently not foreseeable what value the court-appointed auditor will base the expert opinion on for the merger. As soon as the valuation report of the court-appointed auditor is available, the Management Board will disclose the valuation result without delay.


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