3U HOLDING AG re-tenders its Group wide fibre optic cable

Marburg, June 17, 2010 – The 3U HOLDING AG puts the fibre optic cable of its Broadband/IP and telephonic segment out to tender again. The network specialists at the Subsidiary company, LambdaNet Communications Deutschland AG (LambdaNet), will take over the project management in its entirety in close co-operation with the responsible parties in the affiliated Company, 3U TELECOM GmbH.

Considerable parts of the previous contracts with regard to the leased line segments for the fibre optic cable back-bones of the Subsidiary company, LambdaNet, expire at the end of 2011. Accompanying the new tender announcement, the extremely successful realisation of the synergy potential in the 3U Group, particularly since October 2009, shall be continued and a new Group embracing network company will be established. Within the framework of this new structure, LambdaNet will continue to be responsible for the operational network activities of this network company within the 3U Group.

At the time of the tender announcement, the simple new distribution of existing segments of the current LambdaNet fibre optic cable back-bone is less important than the realisation of one of the latest product requirements created by our clients’ network topology. This offers the greatest flexibility possible with regard to future quality and performance network technology demands. The 3U Group, thus, creates optimum conditions for a future trendsetting Next Generation Network (NGN). The greatest priority is to afford our clients impairment free technical migration.

The Broadband/IP Segment uses the synergy potential in the 3U Group and consequently takes the next step of ensuring and improving its future market position. Clients of the LambdaNet will benefit in any case: Greater flexibility to deal with the clients’ needs and an optimum line management based on current and anticipated traffic demands are only some of the improvements which will benefit the clients immediately.


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