3U sells warehouse and logistics centre: future new location to tap capacity and efficiency advantages

  • Successful online business segment gains additional scope for growth
  • Important intermediate step towards expanding and optimising logistics

Marburg, 13 May 2019 – 3U HOLDING AG (ISIN DE0005167902) has now signed a contract to sell its own warehouse and logistics centre, which has been in use for many years, as an important intermediate step in the expansion and optimisation of the supply chain management of its e-commerce business. Final negotiations are currently underway on the move to a considerably larger location planned for the first half of 2020. 3U is thus creating new scope for growth for the strongly growing online business of its subsidiary Selfio. The new location will provide space for the foreseeable and future capacity expansions as well as a higher degree of automation. The associated efficiency benefits will make a significant contribution to the announced improvement in margins in the online trading segment. As part of the sale, the buyer will give 3U the opportunity to continue using the existing location until the warehouse is completely relocated.

The transaction leads to a book profit of just under EUR 0.3 million. The new building for the warehouse and logistics centre is not to be acquired but rented.

To have one’s supply chain processes organized as efficiently as possible is one of the key success factors in e-commerce. The existing warehouse and logistics facilities and processes have helped to increase Selfio GmbH’s sales tenfold over the past seven years. In view of the emerging capacity limits, the decision was made to relocate in favour of further sales and earnings growth.

“Online visibility, product price and availability are the key success criteria in the online business,” explains Michael Schmidt, CEO of 3U HOLDING AG. “We have mastered the best visibility and optimal pricing and achieve the best results for ourselves and our customers with innovative processes. In order to be able to expand the availability of our products and services in a forward-looking manner, we will now introduce state-of-the-art technologies on twice as large an area. This will enable us to achieve even better customer satisfaction with improved margins at the same time. We will therefore continue to consistently implement our growth strategy in 2019, continuously develop ourselves technologically, remove any obstacles to growth that may arise and tap new potential.”


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