Key revenue performance indicator at weclapp reaches new record level

  • Annual recurring revenues (ARR) of weclapp SE exceed EUR 10 million for the first time
  • Annual recurring revenues (ARR) of the weclapp group exceed EUR 15 million
  • More than 7,000 customers worldwide use weclapp platforms

Marburg, 23 February 2022 – weclapp SE, a subsidiary of 3U HOLDING AG (ISIN DE0005167902), has passed new milestones in the course of its continued strong organic growth. The annualised recurring revenues (ARR) in the weclapp SE itself exceeded the EUR 10 million mark for the first time and at the same time in the weclapp Group (weclapp SE including its subsidiaries ITscope GmbH and FinanzGeek GmbH) exceeded the EUR 15 million mark. The indicator is calculated based on the advance payments already received from customers and therefore describes the respective current basis for ongoing organic growth. The continuous increase of recurring revenues is an essential strategic business objective.

Customers of the weclapp group receive access to cloud-based, innovative solutions on the basis of long-term contracts in return for subscription fees, which are usually paid in advance (software-as-a-service). The subscription fees are reported as so-called monthly recurring revenue (MRR) in monthly amounts. To calculate the ARR, the recurring revenues generated in the current month are multiplied by twelve. Each month, this key figure increases in line with the ongoing growth in customers and users. In terms of the number of customers, another milestone was already reached in the fourth quarter of 2021: more than 7,000 customers in over 30 countries worldwide now use the cloud-based platforms of the weclapp Group.

Recurring revenues account for more than 85 % of total revenues in the weclapp group. One-off revenues are mainly generated for individual software development and partner and online Training.

Ertan Özdil, weclapp founder and CEO, is pleased about the promising start into the new business year: “We dynamically continue our growth course. The figures are proof of the attractiveness of our platforms and our business model. It is virtually infinitely scalable and entails a high degree of visibility and planning security. It is our goal to make the weclapp platforms the preferred solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises – in Germany and internationally.”

The cloud platforms developed by weclapp and hosted in Germany and Switzerland enable small and medium-sized enterprises in particular to manage their core business processes with one login, one user interface and one platform, based on state-of-the-art technology and at an affordable price. This enables customers to improve their profitability and efficiency.


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