Letter to the shareholders of 3U HOLDING AG

Marburg, 9 April 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, dear shareholders,

we cordially invite our shareholders to this year’s, this time virtual, Annual General Meeting.

Even in this unusual time of the Corona pandemic, we want to report to you as usual and at the announced time and let you participate in the success of your company. Accordingly, the Management Board, with the approval of the Supervisory Board, has decided to hold this year’s Annual General Meeting as announced on 20 May 2020 from 11 a.m. and to put the proposed dividend payment of EUR 0.04 per share to the vote without change.

The convening notice was published in the Federal Gazette on 9 April 2020. On the agenda are the presentation of the financial statements, the appropriation of the balance sheet profit (dividend), the exoneration of the Management Board and Supervisory Board and the election of the auditor. The invitation – together with all other documents – can also be viewed and downloaded from our website.

There, our shareholders can also access the virtual Annual General Meeting via the password-protected Internet portal. In view of the precautionary measures taken to mitigate the consequences of the corona pandemic and in accordance with the relevant legislation, the Annual General Meeting will be broadcast exclusively via the Internet.

Our shareholders have the opportunity to ask questions to the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board on all items on the agenda until May 18, 2020 (24:00 hours CEST). The Management Board will then answer the questions collected during the virtual Annual General Meeting or in advance on the website at its best discretion. You can also use the portal to cast your vote or correct voting decisions, issue voting powers and instructions, or record objections until the end of the voting process.

We hope that we have thus struck a good balance between the pandemic-related precautionary rules and our appreciation of shareholders’ rights.

To ensure that you can exercise your rights safely, we would ask you to take all steps to participate in good time: Proof of share ownership, registration, questions and so on. We are looking forward to your contributions.

All interested parties will, of course, subsequently be given access to the recording of the speech of the Speaker of the Management Board and other parts of the documentation of the Annual General Meeting.

All necessary information and documents can be found on www.3u.net under Investor Relations/Annual General Meeting.

Keep well!
Your Investor Relations Team of 3U HOLDING AG