Virtual weclapp sales partner day with more than 100 participants from four countries

  • weclapp introduces new executives: Head of Research and Development (AI) and Head of Partner Management
  • Cooperation with partners meets the needs of increasingly larger medium-sized customers

Marburg, 19 November 2020 – weclapp SE, a subsidiary of 3U HOLDING AG (ISIN DE0005167902), held its annual Partner Day for its sales partners for the second time on 12 November 2020. weclapp also used the opportunity to introduce two new executives: Johannes Mehrer, PhD, as Head of Research and Development, and Sebastian Jung, the Head of Partner Management. With well over 100 participants from almost 90 companies, the virtual event reached IT service providers from Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland.

The partner companies successfully use the cloud-based ERP platform weclapp themselves in their own operations; they support customer acquisition for weclapp, help the increasingly larger medium-sized customers with onboarding and take over their support for ongoing enquiries. Thanks to the collaboration possibilities of the platform, they work directly in weclapp with the individual customers to ensure that they define and use the optimal processes and functions for them in the growing wealth of possibilities.

The participating partners gained deep insights into various new product features in the areas of human resources, warehousing, and logistics, purchasing and accounting and weclapp mobile. weclapp, recently awarded for the fourth time as “ERP system of the year” by a jury of experts chaired by the University of Potsdam, continues to expand its technological pioneering position with the ongoing expansion of the functional range and improvement of the user experience.

The new head of research and development, Johannes Mehrer, used three current examples to show how efficiency increases are made possible by machine learning and Big Data functionalities which can soon be implemented in practice. With these innovative, future-oriented initiatives, weclapp is also pursuing the goal of providing its customers with noticeable competitive advantages – automation and thus a high increase in efficiency will become a significant benefit of the upcoming digitisation, especially for medium-sized companies.

Partner manager Sebastian Jung, who has been responsible for the expansion and maintenance of the partner network since August, led through the entire Partner Day. “Our partners are active, committed and the network is now becoming increasingly international. I am delighted about so much interaction in our virtual event and the expansion of our network,” summarised Jung.

In his final presentation, founder and CEO Ertan Özdil presented the first steps towards further developing the platform into a comprehensive ecosystem, in which programme extensions developed by the partners can be integrated directly into the platform as add-ons. One of the main goals is to increase the added value for the users and at the same time to give the partners the opportunity to reach more weclapp customers through better integrated solutions. weclapp expects a significant increase in turnover in the coming years through the sustainable strengthening of the partners. 

“Our partners and customers throughout Europe will benefit from everything we have already achieved today and are planning to do even more,” summarises weclapp CEO Ertan Özdil, “I know of no other software company that is gaining new customers with such drive – increasingly, larger companies from a wide range of industries are also appealing to us. It remains our ambition to become the most popular ERP system among medium-sized companies worldwide. Always listening to our customers, fulfilling and exceeding their wishes is a key to success – and our partners are important intermediaries in this process”.


New in the management team of weclapp SE

Sebastian Jung (born 1990)
has been partner manager of weclapp SE since August 2020 and is responsible for the coordination and support of partner sales. The studied sports manager comes from the Gießen 46ers, where he worked for almost seven years as sales manager of the basketball team. Since his school days, Jung has been actively involved in social, political and sports networks as an organiser and spokesperson.

Johannes Mehrer, PhD (born 1987)
has been working as head of research and development at weclapp since September 2020. Neuroscientist and psychologist, Johannes recently completed his doctorate on methods of machine learning in Cambridge. Thanks to stations in Burkina-Faso, Hamburg, Philadelphia, and Maastricht, Mehrer is internationally networked.


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