weclapp is “ERP System of the Year” and among the winners of “Growth Champions 2021”

  • FOCUS Business economic journal and Statista distinguish fast growing companies
  • weclapp again awarded as ERP System of the Year
  • For the first time weclapp annual financial statements audited according to IFRS, annual report published

Marburg, 15 October 2020 – weclapp SE, a subsidiary of 3U HOLDING AG (ISIN DE0005167902) now received two coveted awards. In the competition “Growth Champions 2021” of the magazine Focus Business in cooperation with Statista, weclapp SE with its cloud-based ERP platform of the same name took top places on 13 October 2020. On October 14, 2020 weclapp received the certificate as “ERP System of the Year”. Already in the years 2016 to 2018 weclapp had won this award in the competition of the same name under the auspices of the University of Potsdam and was among the finalists in 2019.

“ERP System of the Year”

A top-level expert jury moderated by Prof. Dr. Norbert Gronau, University of Potsdam, awarded this year’s prize “ERP System of the Year” (https://system-des-jahres.de) after careful preliminary examination of the written applications. The list of criteria comprised eight categories: Implementation methodology, concrete customer benefit, research and development, customer communication, suitability for the industry, functions, ergonomics and technology. 13 companies were shortlisted and were given the opportunity to elaborate on three of the criteria in a competitive presentation.

Using the example of an ongoing project in a renowned automotive group, Ertan Özdil, CEO of weclapp SE, explained in detail the advantages of the cloud-based ERP platform during the introduction of the system. The migration from a legacy system to an enterprise software of the latest generation (ERP 3.0), as he showed in his presentation, can be executed significantly faster and smoother with weclapp than with conventional ERP systems. The technological advantages of the platform and the customer-friendly ergonomics were also explained in detail.

“For years, weclapp has been regularly awarded as one of the best ERP systems in Germany, if not the best. Our customers set the pace in our ongoing development, just as our system generates the impulse for our customers’ teams in their business processes. The daily enhancement of the system is one of our success factors”, emphasises Ertan Özdil, “And because the customers confirm with their daily work that we deliver an ingenious system, we can continue our rapid and profitable growth course uninterrupted in the coming years”.

“Growth Champion 2021”

weclapp’s growth to date was also registered by business magazine FOCUS and Statista, who included weclapp for the first time in their list of the 500 fastest-growing companies in Germany. The ranking is the result of a cross-sectoral, independent evaluation of a much larger sample by Statista. It is intended to honour the achievements of the companies, because “they give important impulses to the economy and society, create new jobs, act as innovators and thus secure Germany as a business location in the long term”, as FOCUS and Statista state. Ranking 13th in the IT sector and 65th among the top 500 of the 15,000 companies evaluated in detail, weclapp ranks among the top German growth companies. The complete company ranking was published in the FOCUS Business edition of 13 October 2020 as well as on www.focus.de and de.statista.com.

Annual Report 2019

In order to further improve the transparency of the status and prospects of its business, weclapp SE for the first time presents annual financial statements and management report according to IFRS, which have been certified without qualification. The annual report is available from today, October 15, 2020, on the websites www.3u.netwww.weclapp.se and www.weclapp.com.

Further information:

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E-mail: ir@3u.net

About weclapp:
weclapp SE was founded in 2008 and offers since 2013 the cloud-based platform of the same name. Since market entry it has grown by an average of 50% each year and is operating profitably. With Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) it addresses mainly small and medium-sized companies, especially with the integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functionalities. Customers thus have unlimited access to their business transactions and data from any Internet-capable end device and from any location connected to the Internet. With storage and computing capacities in Germany and Switzerland and the certification according to ISO 27001, weclapp offers a high degree of data security. The platform has repeatedly been awarded the title of ERP system of the year. The weclapp SE is based in Frankfurt am Main with further locations in Marburg and Kitzingen. It is a subsidiary of the 3U HOLDING AG based in Marburg.

About 3U:
3U HOLDING AG (www.3u.net) has its headquarters in Marburg, Germany, and was founded in 1997. It is the operating management and investment holding company at the head of the 3U Group. It acquires, operates, and sells companies in the three segments of ITC (Information and Telecommunications Technology), Renewable Energies and SHAC (Sanitary, Heating and Air Conditioning Technology). The 3U Group has successful and profitable business models based on megatrends in all three segments. It continues to expand its business activities dynamically, particularly in its strongest growth areas of cloud computing and online trading, in which it is striving to achieve leading positions in the market.

3U HOLDING AG’s shares are traded on XETRA, Tradegate and on the German regional stock exchanges (ISIN: DE0005167902; identifier: UUU).