weclapp receives top ratings in Trovarit study on ERP user satisfaction

  • Top participation among weclapp users
  • Grade 1.6 in general user satisfaction
  • ERP trends show high priority of data security and software ergonomics among users

Marburg, 12 January 2021 – weclapp users are highly satisfied with their ERP system. This is the result of the recently published study “ERP in practice” by Trovarit AG. weclapp SE is a subsidiary of 3U HOLDING AG (ISIN: DE0005167902). With the ERP platform of the same name, which has been awarded several times as Germany’s “ERP system of the year”, it has recorded uninterrupted strong customer and revenue growth since market entry.

With a grade of 1.6 in the overall evaluation (school grades from 1.0 – 5.0, 1.0 is the best), weclapp leaves well-known industry giants behind, sometimes significantly. The cloud-based, universal ERP platform thus occupies a top position within its peer group of comparable systems. Only a few exclusive special solutions, which were individually developed for a defined regional or industry-specific clientele, have slightly better ratings.

The satisfaction survey was conducted in 2020 for the tenth time since 2004. From mid-March to early July 2020, Trovarit surveyed several thousand users of ERP systems in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). The returns were subjected to an intensive quality check and just under 2,100 of these evaluation forms were accepted for evaluation. According to the Trovarit analysts, this is the largest independent user study on ERP use in Europe. The ERP users participating in the study were “distributed across all industries and company sizes, so that it may be considered a comprehensive overview”, according to Trovarit.

Of the approximately 500 ERP systems currently offered in Germany, 139 were in use by the respondents. Users provided reliable, representative data for 41 of these systems. For the first time, weclapp also entered the circle of evaluated top ERP solutions; and its users immediately catapulted weclapp to the top in the number of qualified feedbacks. They submitted 80 evaluations – only one other ERP manufacturer could achieve this maximum participation.

With an overall rating of 1.6, weclapp also ranks in the quadrant with the highest user satisfaction – whose other participants are mostly gauged on the basis of significantly fewer ratings. In the peer group of solutions for “Professional Services”, weclapp achieves its best individual positioning as the front-runner.

This outstanding result is even more important for weclapp’s ongoing business success, as user satisfaction is the central measurement and control variable for providers and users. It is considered an indicator of quality and efficiency. The study results offer users who are willing to change a good basis for orientation, says Trovarit in its own data Analysis.

“We are very pleased with the top result and extend our gratitude to our customers for their approval. Small and medium-sized enterprises everywhere are currently recognising the great potential of digitization. SMEs are looking for solutions that make them more efficient and competitive,” Ertan Özdil; CEO of weclapp, sums up. “Our cloud-based ERP platform supports them in the automization of their processes, making them more mobile and flexible. Every day, we work to improve the product and strengthen the high satisfaction of our customers.”

As part of the study, Trovarit also presents the most important ERP trends from the user’s point of view. Data and information security as well as legal requirements and compliance are at the top of the users’ priority list with 60 and 50 percent agreement, followed by software ergonomics in third place. Trends and drivers are also Big Data and Industry 4.0. “We are already strong in these trend topics: with the focus on information and data security, a strong user experience team, the establishment of a team for neural networks, Big Data, and AI as well as the daily growing database, we are already shaping the ERP platform of the future,” Ertan Özdil underlines.


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