3U TELECOM releases nine months figures

Marburg, November 10th, 2004 (3.30 pm) – In the first nine months of 2004 the 3U TELECOM group has recorded sales of EUR 69.38 million. The segment fixed-line telephony (3U and OneTel) generated sales of EUR 50.44 million (2003: EUR 44.94 million), whereas LambdaNet Communications AG (segment broadband/IP), a fully consolidated subsidiary since April 1st 2004, had sales of EUR 18.94 million. In comparison to the previous quarter sales rose by EUR 1.34 million or 8.4% to EUR 17.21 million in the fixed-line segment. In contrast, quarterly sales of LambdaNet fell slightly by 2.5% to EUR 9.35 million.

As extraordinary amortization was realized during Q2 2004, the net loss of the group amounts to minus EUR 17.50 million after the first nine months ended of fiscal year 2004. In the third quarter 2004 the fixed-line segment recorded a net loss of minus EUR 1.10 million (Q2 2004: minus EUR 8.20 million), whereas LambdaNet was able to reduce its net loss during Q3 2004 to minus EUR 3.46 million in comparison to minus EUR 3.65 million in the previous quarter. The group´s net loss therefore translates into an EPS (basic) of minus EUR 0.38 per share.

The fixed-line segment shows an accumulated operating profit before depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) of EUR 0.42 million (2003: EUR 5.30 million). The reduction of the operating margin is mainly a result of an increasingly competitive environment in the course of 2004 as well as an increase in operating expenses. Considering the EBITDA generated in the broadband/IP segment of EUR 1.83 million (previous quarter: EUR 1.64 million), the 3U group generated an operating profit (EBITDA) of EUR 3.89 million after the first nine months 2004.

The complete nine months report will be available for download on the company´s website (www.3u.net) as of November 15th 2004.


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