Through the acquisition of LambdaNet and OneTel, 3U TELECOM AG does not anticipate a further flow of funds / Voluntary lock-up period of three years on the part of the acting board members

Contrary to information that would imply otherwise, 3U TELECOM AG (Prime Standard, ISIN DE0005167902) does not anticipate any further flow of funds in relation to their acquisitions of LambdaNet Communications Deutschland AG and OneTel Telecommunication GmbH. 3U TELECOM AG thus posses an unaltered financial position. Among other things, this is displayed by the financial state of short-term holdings, which were over €31 million as of the end of Q2 2004.

The acquisition of LambdaNet is an important contribution to the strategic direction of the 3U Corporation. In the future, LambdaNet will act as a technology platform for the entire 3U group. This integration makes it possible for the 3U Corporation to augment its current portfolio of telecommunication services (Call by Call & cps), especially in the area of IP services.

Furthermore, the acting directors Michael Schmidt and Roland Thieme have voluntarily pledged not to sell any of their held stock for a timeframe of three years (Lock-Up Period).


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Security I.D. Number: 516790; ISIN: DE0005167902; Index: NEMAX 50

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